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Dah tahu keburukan BN, tak perlu OSA

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not an Official Secret of the Government…

It is not an official secret that the BN regime has shown sheer contempt for the public’s interest in enabling the PKFZ scandal to compound.

It is not an official secret that billions of ringgit has been flushed down into the pockets of a select few and that no one has been held accountable.

It is not an official secret that the taxpayers will likely never recover – let alone get an accounting of – these funds.

It is not an official secret that the regime is upset that a cabinet document on the PKFZ has been leaked, and the cover-up on the scandal may well be underway.

It is not an official secret that given our experience with past scandals of the BN/Umno regime, cronies of the regime who have squandered public funds will not be held accountable – let alone see the inside of a prison cell.

It is not an official secret that Malaysia ranks 47th in the 2008 Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International.

How is it that we rank so poorly on Transparency International’s corruption index but no high-profile crony of the regime ever seems to be convicted of corruption?

It is not an official secret that despite the change of leadership in Umno, there appears to have been no let-up in the level cronyism and nepotism.

It is not an official secret that the regime seems more concerned that a scandalous memo has been leaked rather than trying to ensure a zero-tolerance policy regarding scandals and abuse of public funds.

It is not an official secret than Umno wants to desperately win the up-coming by-election in Bagan Pinang.

Perhaps the voters of Bagan Pinang find that the above non-government secrets are just the kind of thing they should reward Umno for.

Yes, voters of Bagan Pinang; it is no official secret that you will reveal a great deal about yourselves by whom you elect as your representative.

It is no official secret that the Umno/BN regime’s credibility is the lowest it has been – and I don’t need some document classified under the Official Secrets Act to realize this fact.

G. Krishnan


Translation from Sin Chew Jit Poh Northern Edition

JOINTLY Combat unhealthy culture


(Penang) Gerakan Women Deputy Chief Ng Siew Lai called on all to remove the burden of political differences by jointly fighting against immoral, ill-cultivated and unhealthy culture, especially the abusive personal attack on women politicians.

She believed many women have chosen to enter politics for social justice and political ideas, with hope to fight for the people through their own strength, especially to strive for women and children’s rights. However, the spirits of these women politicians have always been dampened by some uncouth person, including through verbal or physical abuse.

Ng Siew Lai’s press statement refers to the unpleasant incident where a man who had threatened to rape Selangor executive councilor YB Rodziah during a dialogue session.

She said, to openly humiliate people’s representatives is a serious political violence, and the relevant authorities should take necessary actions to jointly prevent such unhealthy political culture from growing.

She reckoned that the incident of abusing women politician should not happen in Malaysia which has long been known as the “land of ceremony and propriety”.


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