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Bagan Pinang: Pemimpin Umno Bohong

Posted in Bagan Pinang, Election, Malaysian Politics, Pilihan Raya, Politics by rodziahismailticker on October 5, 2009

Assault claim: PAS VP calls Umno man a liar

Darwis Zainal
Oct 4, 09

PAS vice-president Salahudin Ayob has accused an Umno leader of cooking up a story about opposition supporters raining blows on him yesterday, during nomination for the Bagan Pinang by-election.

bagan pinang by election nomination 031009 abdul azeez attacked 02He was responding to the claim by Umno supreme council member Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim (right) that the latter was assaulted by PAS supporters.

“He (Azeez) came to me and told me that he was beaten by nine PAS youths. If he was beaten by nine people, I am sure there will be at least swollen marks or bruises. But I didn’t see any of that on him.

“In fact his shirt was also very clean and there was no dirt on the shirt to prove that there was a tussle between him and his attackers,” Salahuddin told a press conference today.

Seeking ‘cheap publicity’

In view of this, Salahuddin dismissed the Umno leader’s claim as nothing short of a ‘blatant lie’ to hoodwink the rakyat.

NONEThe PAS vice-president (left) further accused Abdul Azeez of resorting to ‘cheap publicity’.

In order to lend credence to his claim, Salahuddin said Azeez purposely entered the route reserved for Pakatan Rakyat leaders and supporters on the way to the nomination centre.

“The route for Barisan Nasional leaders is from the main road and the police also provided escort for them.

“But why did Azeez and Ismail Sabri (domestic trade and consumer affairs minister) take the trouble to go through the route reserved for Pakatan which is further and with winding roads.

“How come Azeez didn’t notice that the actual route for them which is the main road that faces the nomination centre?” he asked.

Soft tissue injury

Meanwhile, Azeez was admitted to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital here last night with a soft tissue injury.

Abdul Azeez said he was rushed to the hospital after he vomited and fainted at his house in Subang Jaya.

“After the Maghrib prayer, I felt like fainting, I threw up and passed out. I was in pain and my blood pressure shot up to 65/95.

“It was never that high before,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

Abdul Azeez, who claimed that he was punched on his neck as he was walking towards the nomination centre, said an X-ray showed that there was no fracture on his neck.


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