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Malaysiakini new Chief Editor

Posted in Malaysian Politics, Politics by rodziahismailticker on January 25, 2010

Malaysiakini, the country’s premier online news website, today named Fathi Aris Omar as its chief editor.

NONEFathi, 41, will replace K Kabilan, who is leaving Malaysiakini to pursue further studies.

Kabilan, 41, who joined Malaysiakini in 2000, took on the chief editor’s post four years ago, at a time when the country was undergoing tremendous changes.

“I have had a wonderful 10 years in Malaysiakini and it is time now to move on to face other challenges, including taking some time off for studies,” he said.

“I am sure Fathi and the new team will ensure that Malaysiakini continues to remain the market leader.”

Malaysiakini editor-in-chief and co-founder Steven Gan described the choice of Fathi to helm the nation’s leading news website as a “natural one”.

“Fathi was one of Malaysiakini‘s original team of editors. He will lead the Malaysiakini team as we move into our second decade and I look forward to working with him in further consolidating Malaysiakini‘s mission.”

NONEFathi joined Malaysiakini as Bahasa Malaysia Desk news editor 10 years ago.

In 2005, he won a Nippon Foundation scholarship to do a one-year research on political Islam in Indonesia.

On returning to Malaysia, he joined the BM section of Star Online. Fathi returned to Malaysiakini two years ago to resume his previous post as news editor.

“Unlike the first few years of our operation, these coming years will be more challenging and interesting. There is more competition as well. Malaysiakini will need to exploit this new ‘mediascape’ to reach out to as many readers as possible,” says Fathi.

Gan also expressed his gratitude to Kabilan for his many years of service in Malaysiakini.

Other changes too

Malaysiakini also announced a number of changes at its various desks.

NONEFormer TV3 news and current affairs executive editor Wee Yu Meng will assume Fathi’s vacant post of BM Desk news editor. He will be helping BM Desk editor Nash Rahman in coordinating Malaysiakini‘s BM website.

Meanwhile, Jimadie Shah Othman has been selected as the new chief reporter for the BM Desk.

Over at the English Desk, Andrew Ong has been promoted from chief reporter to acting assistant news editor while senior journalist Hafiz Yatim will now be the new chief reporter.

The Chinese Language Desk will continue to be helmed by editor Yong Kai Ping and news editor Ng Ling Fong.


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